I evaluate your business and industry landscape, review and refine your goals, craft your message, and then reverse engineer a strategic plan to activate your target audiences.  


I'm a senior-level marketing communications & sales consultant with deep food industry expertise. I help good food organizations navigate complex challenges by customizing marketing communications & buyer engagement plans. Our food system is evolving, the way we're eating is changing and I like to guide clients who are at the center of this. I'm particularly passionate about helping responsible producers thrive, and advancing conversations around the "future of food." I think a combination of food/ag tech and a return to traditional methods/ingredients will improve our food system so that it gets more nutritious, flavorful and responsibly-produced food to more people without so much waste. 

I have a proven track record for defining brand strategy. I excel at finding the emotional connection points and cultural relevance between organizations and target audiences, and I believe the most powerful marketing is emotional.

In my free time I visit farms & ranches and write stories about dedicated producers. I'm a freelance writer and a member of the leadership council for Cooking Matters Colorado.


Brand Architecture


Content development & Channel Strategy

e-marketing & social media marketing

Speaker Training & Presentations


Foodservice Engagement & Sales

Sales Force Message Training

Strategic Partnerships

Industry & Consumer Education Events



Denver, CO, USA

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