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"Danielle is magical. Her natural ability to connect with people, passion for the good food world and communications talents make her a perfect partner to establish industry leadership, grow customer relationships and build a brand. I recommend her as an asset to all food companies bringing products with integrity to consumer and foodservice buyers." 

- Meghan Russell, US Strategy & Sales Lead at Niceland Seafood

"Hands down, Danielle is fantastic! Her extensive knowledge of food systems enables her to converse on an every day level as well as from a big picture view. She has a genuine approach when getting to know the needs of producers and end users. The result from working with Danielle is always a blossoming relationship that is built on common respect, seeking solutions together." 


- Adrienne Larrew, Rancher & Owner of Corner Post Meats


"Danielle Davis is one of the best humans I have ever worked with - creative, amazing networker, and highly knowledgeable in the protein space, and unafraid to ask questions. I say "protein" as she has invaluable experience in both meat and seafood supply chain, understands how protein is created, and how it's produced from the ground up and sun down, literally. Danielle can not only sell it, but produce meaningful stories that resonate with consumers and buyers alike, drawing in the human essence that drives people to believe, and that's what we all want.... brands that are authentic." 


- Patrick Dunaway, Owner of Pelagic Provisions

"I've had both the privilege and honor to work with Danielle and see the ease at which she connects with people. From producer to consumer, Danielle's vast knowledge of complex food systems and her ability to make it approachable to the average person is a talent that cannot be overlooked as we face the challenges within our current food system."


- Bryan Mayer, Director of Product at Kunoa Cattle Company

"Danielle is a seasoned, passionate and incredibly wise communications professional. As a marketing professional and former client, I am continuously impressed with Danielle's critical thinking, collaborative nature and ability to execute on high-level strategies. I highly recommend her!"


- Denise Day, Director of Marketing at Bhakti Chai

"I worked on a year-long project with Danielle Davis, and I was constantly impressed with her creativity, attention to detail, and responsiveness. Her deliverables were always high quality, on time, and under budget. Most importantly, Danielle has a gift for relating to people. She listens and is able to grasp what’s important to all the stakeholders in a given situation and she has the rare ability to act as a connector and relationship builder. I’ve watched her work with a wide range of food entrepreneurs, company and non-profit executives, farmers, ranchers, and others in the food and agriculture businesses, and she always earns their respect as a communicator and bridge builder."

 - Marilyn Noble, Writer New Food Economy and Communications Consultant

"Danielle's work is thoughtful and authentic, based on an incredible understanding of and curiosity about food production, systems, makers and growers, and shows through her creative ideas, ability to see them through, and incredible connections in the food world."

- Katie Lazor, Director, Eat Denver

“Danielle has an impressive PR pedigree and so knows how to provide strategic, results-driven counsel. But, as a fellow practitioner, what impresses me most is Danielle’s desire to be a change-agent for the industry.  She approaches every campaign with a holistic perspective, constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen the reach and impact by layering in additional marketing tactics.  On top of this, she is a consummate professional, whilst being fun and gracious.”

- Mandy Melby, Director of Business Development and Communications at Boulder Heavy Industries 

"Danielle is a pure joy to work with; she's enthusiastic, knowledgeable, curious, diligent, reliable, and knows how to ask story subjects the right questions in order to yield a compelling, well-written and -researched narrative. I highly recommend her as a writer and consultant, and I look forward to working with her in other capacities as her business grows."


- Laurel Miller, Editor, Edible Aspen magazine 

"Danielle is a frequent contributor to Edible Aspen magazine with feature story subjects ranging from cooking classes to heritage grains to yaks—yes yaks! Her knowledge and relationships in the food and farming industry provide her with a strong ability to deliver rich and authentic content. Talent, combined with diligence and work ethic, make Danielle a highly effective writer who has earned respect and admiration from our editorial team—an absolute pleasure to work with."


- Lisa Houston, Publisher, Edible Aspen magazine 

"Danielle is a kind, motivated, and talented individual who has her finger on the pulse of the good food world. I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering at several events with Danielle. Her ability to network and promote her endeavors with passion makes her not only a pleasure to work with personally, but also a force to be reckoned with professionally."


- Lauren Nischan,  VP Operations RTE Cuisine 

"Danielle brings her big city/big agency experience to every brand in a one-on-one way. She dives into every project with 100 percent commitment and focus. Danielle is able to identify opportunities, keep an eye out for challenges and offer sound advice across all communications touch points. She sees the big pictures and is an excellent task manager, making sure all arms are working cohesively. Not only is she super smart, she is witty and fun which makes every workday, meeting and work event that much more enjoyable."


- Kaitlyn Haupert, COO of The Initial Co.  

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